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Screening process one- Resume/Cover letter

Contrary to logical thinking and what we have always been taught, the traditional cover letter when applying for gov’t is not as important as your resume.

Because HR (Public service agency) pre-screens most applications because of high volume, it is important to put the qualifications for a given position at the top of your resume, preferably in bullet points. Generally, they simply don’t have time to
read through your nicely crafted cover letter.

HR then passes the pre-screened applications to the manager/director of the specific position. If you show how you meet all the qualifications right at the top of your resume, it makes it really easy for them to move you to the next screening step.

It is very easy now to apply to lots of positions. You would be surprised if you have a degree of any sort the kinds of jobs you will be considered for.

Good luck and see you next week for the next screening process – the written test.

STEP TWO – Temp agencies
Temp agencies are a great way to get into government. The BC Government has agreements with several agencies and looks for them to fill hundreds of spots for them. Although you start out a lower level, you tend to get quick opportunities
to advance. Send in your resume to any of these temp agencies listed here

STEP Three – Written test

Coming soon….

STEP Four – Interview Preparation

Coming soon…

Recent Graduate Information
Take advantage of the BC Government Directory feature. You can access people by ministry, department etc. So choose your area of interest, find a manager/director’s name. On the directory you can see most people’s email and phone information.

Most managers/directors are more than happy to sit down and talk about careers. In fact, it is a government mandate to find qualified people to fill the baby boomer retiree gap. So get out there and start talking to people.

No matter what you may be told, this is still the best way to get into the government and create a great network for your career.


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